A Special Message About Dawson Elementary School

Dawson School values all members of our school community. We are known for our teamwork and the IALAC spirit that is seen throughout the Dawson School community. The letters stand for I Am Loving And Capable, which is our goal for how every member of our school community will feel and act towards others. It is our goal to develop the academic needs of our children as well as their emotional well-being. We are reminded of this through our school mascot the dolphin. The dolphin is known for friendliness and helping (even saving) those in trouble. It is our expectation that we, as a school community, model the positive qualities of our mascot at all times. We are also reminded of this as seen through the Lessons From Geese. This lesson teaches us to care for each other in good times and in difficult times as well. The spirit of the mascot is seen throughout the building as well as the strong commitment to maintaining our educational goals for our children.

I am committed to the mission of the Dawson School as we work together within the IALAC spirit for the sound education and well-being of our students, your children, here at Dawson Elementary School.

Yours in the IALAC spirit,

Kelly A. Williamson, Principal