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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an integrated preschool program?

An integrated preschool classroom is comprised of both children who are

developing within age expectations and children who are in need of

specialized services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and

physical therapy. Up to half the class can be on Individualized Educational

Plans (IEPs) for specialized services. The additional students in the class are

chosen through an open application process.

Children on IEPs have been placed in the program based upon an evaluation

and recommendations by the Wachusett Regional School District Special

Education Team.

What advantages does an integrated preschool have to offer?

An integrated preschool is part of the public school system that is designed

to be a typical preschool setting that specialized in targeting children’s

specific learning styles and diverse learning needs. Teachers and support

staff are highly trained in early childhood education and utilize a variety of

teaching techniques and strategies. Language, readiness skills, social skills,

science and literature are embedded within and are key components to the

curriculum. Activities are age appropriate, fun and exciting, and follow the

Massachusetts Guideline for Preschool Curriculum Experiences.

Does my child have to be toilet trained?

We recommend that children enrolled in our program be toilet trained and

capable of independent self-care in the bathroom, however, this is not an

enrollment requirement.

My child was enrolled as a three year old. What happens next


If your child enters the program as a three year old and is not eligible to go

to kindergarten the following year, he/she has priority to return to the

program for the next school year without having to reapply. You are welcome

to change sessions or the number of days your child attends if you like for

the following year.

Do you offer multiple child discounts?

No. Each child is considered a separate enrollment.

Are siblings of children previously in the program given

enrollment priority?

Yes, siblings of students currently attending the program have priority. All

other slots are chosen by lottery.

Do you have a summer program?

Yes, but only for children on IEPs who are determined eligible by the

Preschool Educational Team.

My child is age eligible for kindergarten, but I don’t feel that

he/she is ready.

Unfortunately, it is a state regulation that we cannot accept children who

are kindergarten age-eligible even if you are choosing to keep your child out

of kindergarten for a year.

Are parents allowed to participate in the program?

Absolutely! We highly value and appreciate parent participation and

encourage parent volunteers. We welcome parents to share special

traditions, careers, and crafts. Parents are also welcome to read to the


What is the daily schedule?

The WRSD Early Childhood Center’s Integrated Preschool Program has

morning sessions from 9:00-11:20 and afternoon sessions from 12:30-2:50.

The daily schedule includes indoor and outdoor play, circle time, small/large

group activities, snack, story, music, and movement. The pre-kindergarten

children participate in Second Step, a violence prevention program.

How is my child’s progress reported?

Progress is reported in November, February and in June of each school year.

A detailed report will be sent home with your child.


Required documents / records


Physical form

Birth Certificate

Emergency medical card

Permission to photograph

Home Language Survey


The program tuition for the 2018/2019 school year is $17.00 per day. The

tuition is divided into ten monthly payments, payable September to June.

Payments are due on the first of each month.