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Wachusett Regional School District

Early Childhood Center

1745 Main Street

Jefferson, MA 01522
(508) 829-4766
SIMCO Meeting Minutes
Meeting held April 15, 2015
In attendance: Principal/Co-chair: Patricia Ottaviano; School Staff: Maura McSweeney, Denise Adams, Crystal Avakian, Parent Representatives: Maureen Dumais (Co-chair), Sally Pelak (resigned); School Committee Liaison: TBA; Member At Large: Judy Reando
The meeting was held in the Conference Room at the Early Childhood Center at 4:00-4:45 p.m.
The minutes from the previous meeting conducted on November 19, 2015 were read and accepted (Maureen Dumais, Judy Reando).
In the absence of a school committee member, Principal Patricia Ottaviano gave the School Committee update. 
School Improvement Plan (SIP): Principal and Co-Chair Patricia Ottaviano gave a brief summary of the SIP to date. The final copy will be sent to Superintendent McCall by May 1. 
PTO updates included a review of finances and upcoming programs and purchases. The PTO is funding two additional enrichment programs, Yoga for Kids (once a week for 6 weeks) and a music program (evening program May 29 at 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Curriculum Ctr.) They will also purchase a set of bells to complete the musical instrument panels on the playground. In addition, they will purchase sand for the sandbox and some sand toys as many have been damaged over the past year. If any teachers are interested in gardening, the PTO will be willing to purchase some supplies. 
Upcoming ECC events include Teddy Bear Picnic, Field Day, Last Day Parade, a music program, a fire safety visit, and a final visit by Kathy Pellulo, Dental Hygienist. 
That concludes our SIMCO meetings for the 2014-2015 school year. I want to thank all of our committee members for their commitment to our school through their attendance at the monthly meetings and their insight.