Naquag Elementary Staff Listing



Principal:   Dixie Estes (                                                   

School Secretary:  Carleen Smith (

School Nurse:   Carol Strait (

School Psychologist:   Lisa Hunt   (


Special Education

Developmental K - 2 Teacher (District-wide):  Heather Marois

Resource Room Teacher :   Suzanne Huard

Speech and Language Teacher: Leslie McGee

Title 1 Teacher:   Laurie Jewers



Deb Baldwin

Corinne Balyk

Nikki Borges

Kim McCormack  


Grade 1

Bill Emery

Jennifer Szczuka

Karen Lizewski

Martha O'Connor

Trefa White


Grade 2

Kelly Allyn

Kelly Anderson

Amanda (Boyd) Strong

Lynn Jordan

Helen Esposito

Ericka Humphrey



Music Teacher:   Jean Gough

Art Teacher:   Mary Shepherd

Physical Education:   John Barbale

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