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 School Committee Policies

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Series 4000
Personnel Mangement
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Pupil Services
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Support Operations - Policy Series 7000

Last Updated:  December 12, 2017

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      Policy #   Policy Title 
  • P7110       Facility Use
  • P7112       Non-District Use of Facilities
  • P7113       Facility Usage for Day Care Programs
  • P7114       Use of School Facilities for Telecommunications Equipment
  • P7124       Security of the School Facility
  • P7131       Buildings & Grounds Maintenance
  • P7132       Maintenance, Repairs, Renovations
  • P7141       Inventory Control
  • P7142       Energy Efficient Equipment
  • P7143       Energy Management Conservation Policy
  • P7151      School Plans
  • P7151.1   Playground Safety
  • P7152      Safety Procedures and Programs
  • P7153      Prohibition of Recreational Vehicular Use
  • P7156      Emergency Response Plan
  • P7158      Emergency Evacuation
  • P7159      Vandalism
  • P7161      Naming of School Property & Grounds
  • P7162      Sponsorship and Advertising
  • P7210      Transportation Routes and Services
  • P7211      Ridership
  • P7222      Contract Services
  • P7324      Use of Elevators