Executive Session, Monday, January 8, 2001

10:00 p.m.


Media Center

Wachusett Regional High School


Members Attending:


Duncan Leith, Chairman Sarah Jordan

John Rokicki, Vice-Chairman David Lowenthal

Paul Anderson Lorraine Neilan

Mary Copeland John Nunnari

Jeffrey Gibbs Elizabeth Pape

Kimberly Ferguson Kathleen Singh

Sherry Horeanopoulos Rosemary Warren

Jane James Jeffrey Wentzell

Members Absent:


Kenneth Fensin Kelly Maxwell

Paul James


Administration Present:


Alfred D. Tutela, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

Paul Soojian, Director of Operations

Mary Scott, Director of Administrative Services

Philip Campbell, Director of Student/Information Services

Others Present:




Chairman Leith called the executive session to order at 10:00 PM.


Chairman Leith left the meeting at 10:05 PM


The Superintendent gave the School Committee an update on the status of negotiations with WREA. The Superintendent indicated that he would like to present a new salary schedule to the WREA that would ultimately do away with the Bachelor and Bachelor+15 salary lanes for new and recent hires in order to increase the lower steps to be more competitive in the marketplace. By consensus the Committee agreed.


Chairman Leith returned to the executive session at 10:15 PM


The Superintendent reported on the status of negotiations with the owner of the adjacent land. The Superintendent made a recommendation that the Committee consider alternative revenue sources to purchase the land such as the use of E & D over a time payment schedule. This would enable the architect to maximize the property use. Following discussion, the Committee decided to leave executive session.


Motion: To leave executive session and return to public session.

(K. Singh)

(S. Jordan)

Roll Call Vote:

In favor:

John Rokicki

Kimberly Ferguson

Jeffrey Gibbs

Sherry Horeanopoulos

Sarah Jordan

David Lowenthal

Lorraine Neilan

John Nunnari

Elizabeth Pape

Kathleen Singh

Rosemary Warren



Duncan Leith

Paul Anderson

Mary Copeland

Jane James

Jeffrey Wentzell


(Motion passed 11-5.)


Respectfully submitted,


Alfred D. Tutela, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools


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