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Last updated:  December 11, 2018

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      Policy #            Policy Title                                                                 


  • P1110     Powers and Duties
  • P1111     School Committee Member Responsibility
  • P1112     Collective Bargaining 
  • P1122     Qualifications
  • P1130     Committee Member Resignation
  • P1160     School Committee Member Ethics
  • P1170     Use of Electronic Messaging Between and Among 
                   School Committee Members
  • P1311     Committee-Superintendent Relationship
  • P1312     Evaluation of Superintendent
    P1340     School District Counsel
  • P1350     Student Representative(s) to the WRSC
  • P1320     Wachusett Regional School District Treasurer (see Policy 4650)
  • P1410     New Member Orientation
  • P1431     Attendance at Conferences by School Committee 
  • P1432     Reimbursement for Travel Expenses of School 
                   Committee Members
  • P1500     Definition of Policy and Regulations
  • P1520     Policy Development
  • P1522     Administration in Policy Absence
  • P1523     Distribution of School Committee Publications
  • P1610.1  Remote Participation
  • P1620     Notice to Committee Members and Public
  • P1660     Public Participation
  • P1670     Executive Sessions
  • P1680     Minutes of School Committee
  • P1681.2  Recording of School Committee Meetings