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 Personnel Management - Policy Series 5000

Last Updated:  December 11, 2015

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      Policy #            Policy Title                                                                 
  • P5100       Personnel Policy Goals
  • P5211       Job Descriptions
  • P5221       Promotion, Recruitment, and Selection
  • P5222       Evaluation of Principals
  • P5231.1    Attendance
  • P5232       Safety
  • P5233.1    Employee Use of District Fitness Equipment
  • P5234.1    Employee Use of Information Technology
  • P5235       Sexual Harassment
  • P5236       Domestic Violence Leave Policy
  • P5240       Fraud Prevention Policy 
                    (Fraud Hotline -- (508) 829-1670, extension 281)
  • P5241       Rules of Conduct
  • P5241.11  Standards for Employment
  • P5241.12  Background Checks
  • P5241.3    Employee Conflict of Interest
  • P5241.4    Substance Abuse
  • P5241.5    Smoking in District Facilities
  • P5241.6    Staff Participation in Political and Union Activities
  • P5241.75  Staff Complaints and Grievances
  • P5241.8    Gifts to Staff Members
  • P5241.9    Employee Communicable Disease and Serious Illness
  • P5251       Professional Development
  • P5251.14  First Aid Training for Coaches
  • P5252       Physical Restraint
  • P5261       Salary Guides
  • P5262       Salary Checks and Deductions
  • P5264.1    Payment or Reimbursement for Meals
  • P5271.2    Health Insurance - Surviving Spouse
  • P5273      Transportation of Employees
  • P5273.1   Alternative to Travel and Travel Expense Reduction
  • P5273.2   Reimbursement Mileage, Parking, Tolls
  • P5273.3   Employee Travel for Workshops, Conferences, Visitations
  • P5274      Unrepresented Non-Contract Employees
  • P5281.7   Leaving the Building During the School Day
  • P5281.8   Small Necessities Leave
  • P5290.1   Superintendent and Executive Staff Vacation Policy
  • P5410      Substitute Employees