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 Pupil Services - Policy Series 6000

Last Updated: December 11, 2018

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      Policy #            Policy Title                                                                 
  • P6110      Entrance Age Policy
  • P6121      Student Residency Policy
  • P6122      Homelessness
  • P6130      School Choice
  • P6160      Post-Graduate Students
  • P6170      Foreign Students
  • P6210      Districting of Schools and Programs
  • P6260      Assignment of Students to Classes
  • P6312      Regular Attendance
  • P6400      Behavior and Discipline
  • P6411      Bicycle Helmet Usage
  • P6433      Substance Abuse
  • P6434      Sexual Harassment
  • P6435      Weapons
  • P6436      Appreciation of Diversity
  • P6437      Promoting Civil Rights and Prohibiting Harassment, Discrimination and Hate Crimes
  • P6438      Anti-Bullying
  • P6515      Student Publications
  • P6531      Student Internet Access 
  • P6531.1   Social Media
  • P6531.2   BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • P6532      Videotaping and Photographing of District Students
  • P6540      Fund-Raising by Students
  • P6561      Driving and Parking
  • P6562      Alternate Student Transportation
  • P6590      Athletic Participation and Other Extracurricular Participation
  • P6610      Health
  • P6611      Student Immunizations
  • P6613.1   Eye Protection
  • P6613.2   Athletic Head Injury and Concussion Policy
  • P6614      Child Abuse/Neglect
  • P6616      Insurance
  • P6617      Administration of Medication
  • P6618      Nutrition and Wellness
  • P6619      Life Threatening Allergies
  • P6621      Transportation Safety and Security Procedures
  • P6631      Non-Discrimination
  • P6637      Animals In Schools     
  • P6650      Confidentiality
  • P6760      Recognition of Outstanding Achievement
  • P6812      Diplomas for Veterans
  • P6813      Scholarships
  • P6910      Student Records
  • P6921.2   Parent-Teacher Conference
  • P6950      School-Parent/Guardian Relations