TPS Yoga

Twisted Kids Yoga 

Movement Breaks will be conducted by Twisted Kids Yoga in grades k and 2 this year.  Selected middle school advisory groups will also participate in this 8 week, once per week program.



STUDY:  2014 pdf of Yoga in School Study from Frontiers in Psychology group

VIDEO:  12-minute video capturing the Kripalu study done in a Western Massachusetts High School,
in conjunction with analysis by Harvard Medical School. 
Program began in 2008 in this high school, and continues on to this day.


VIDEO:  8-minute Kripalu video highlighting yoga in schools for adolescents.


VIDEO: The Early Show highlights yoga in a Middle School. CLICK HERE To View Video


ARTICLE:  Penn State Article highlighting Yoga in Curriculum to help adolescents manage stress:

ARTICLE:  Harvard Publication article that highlights the value of yoga in school-aged children